Our  Mission

Because we believe in God’s radical love for all creation as incarnated in the life of Jesus, Grace Baptist Church authentically welcomes all people to join a faith community in which we take part in God’s unfolding story and practice love of God and love of neighbor in our daily living. We continually seek the Spirit’s wisdom in commending the gifts of Grace for the transforming and healing of the world. 

Our Values

Our Values Statement essentially defines who we are, how we respond to our calling and what we value in our congregation and its members.

Our Values

Onsite Sunday/Wednesday Schedule:

 Worship with us:

9:45 am:
Sunday School for all ages *
11:00 am: Worship (Communion - first Sunday of each month)

Wednesday *
5:15 pm - Handbell Choir *
5:45 pm - MidWeek Grace *
6:30 pm - Chancel Choir Practice*

* = Activities suspended